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Silver End - Beyond Limits CD

Image of Silver End - Beyond Limits CD


The debut album of Silver End, "Beyond Limits". Release May 21st, 2013. Get your copy in physical format here!

1. Intro
2. Learning The Lesson
3. Echoes
4. Make It Better
5. Breaking Free
6. Adhere
7. Junkie Monkie
8. Actions & Consequence
9. Avenger
10. Beyond
11. Now & Then
12. Gemini
13. A Thousand Miles

"The Norwegian act have made a new record called ‘Beyond Limits’. Which is lyrically profound and littered with monumental riffs and character. You will delve progressively, and you will offer your heart to the cause, because like me I feel you’ll just fall in love with what you are hearing. I fell in love quickly, like a lovesick teenager."
- Rockadia

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